Wednesday, 7 September 2011


After a very busy year from February until just before I went to France in July, I am actually able to tinker by the sea! 

At least one day at the moment is set aside to just enjoy making things and it is sooooo wonderful - this weekend I was on finishing off a couple of the paper mache figures I made at West Dean in February on the Julie Arkell paper mache workshop:

My great niece Iris was one of my inspirations - at a year old she amazed us all by throwing her arms in the air and shouting 'hurray' for no particular reason - so I couldnt resist making a paper version of her doing just that...
her little cardigan took me the longest time to make and looks a bit chunky here though it is actually very fine silky thread!  When making again I must remember that action figures look great but are extremely hard to dress with limbs going in all direction - static is good and clothes-shaped is better so next time I will be making very different figures!
Here is a longer view with her sitting on the wall - temporarily - she is going to my niece Zoe, Iris's mum when they get back from holidays.

Next on the finished pile is my angel - again with the benefit of hindsight the wings would have been better made of fabric!  very hard to dress this one.  But I am happy with the end result - here is a front view - at a bit of an odd angle as I was photographing from underneath her! 

Again the dress took the longest time and was made when I stayed with my friend Kay last time, Its raw silk - lucky angel - with silk thread embellishments - her shape and pose was incredibly difficult to sew around so I ended up making a cross-over back design and sewing the dress on by the straps when I'd got it fitting about right! We live and learn do we not.  Here's the back view and a detail of the front embroidery ....

When I'd finished my two figures completely I still had a bit of time to try out an idea.  I'd looked at Danielle's Pinterest pins - follow the link on - there is so much to inspire on Pinterest.  One of the things I loved was a paper feather - using a sheet of music and cutting the feathered bit of the feather - check out - isnt it lovely:

  Here is my painted peacock feather - I think it holds a host of possiblities!
Have a happy week - Love to All