Monday, 17 June 2013


Last Saturday I was delighted to be going to another of Viv, Hens Teeth's workshop
at the lovely Weston Hall in Staffordshire.

I attended the same workshop last year (see pantry violets blog) and so I had been thinking about 
what I could do this time - I had a sudden flash of inspiration - a rare and unusual thing these days,
I would make a chatelaine which included a needlebook.  All week I was poking about in bags and 
boxes digging out likely things to include. 

 I decided to make not one but two!  One for Viv who has been a good friend supporting me
 this past year, and one for myself.  Fair enough I didn't start soldering til Friday evening - as I
 havent soldered for Lord alone knows how long, probably wasn't the best start.  Anyway, 
I set off taping up and covering stuff, fixing jump rings but I had to throw in the towel after 3am!!!  
I decided a couple of hours sleep was definitely required before I set off.... two may have been
a tad ambitious.

We started work, I started polishing the soldered bits!  Then I made my little needlebook, I just
put a piece of an old quilt inside a delightful little progressive whist card I'd found stitched it in and
crocheted a chain to close it with a beautiful little button. 

By this time it was lunchtime and I had to get a bit of a move on, most of the other bits and pieces just needed fixing on to dangly bits and attaching to the wooden bobbin I'd soldered jump rings to, however, this didn't prove as quick as I'd expected, and Viv was coming round looking what we were doing so I had to keep some bits well hidden until show and tell time!  I used some antique ribbons, a test tube with a lotto number stopper, two watch part vials, a little tin I'd painted and applied labels to and a little matchbox I covered and put Vivs initial on.  All the containers were filled with bits and bobs.  I'd also so applied some little quotes i'd found; my favourite being - 'changing the world one sequin at a time' - Lady Gaga, and one I knew Viv would love, (and she did) see below ... and of course, a dobber with the long-eared lovelies from
Viv's blog header ...

Just in the nick of time it all came together, I added the top piece which has a pin on the back to secure it

Viv, who had admired the bits I'd been working on was blown away when I gave it to her - she was so thrilled, and I was thrilled she loved it as much as I did.  She says she will treasure it all her days, isn't that
lovely.  Essentially, you really can turn a pile of bits and bobs as shown at the top into something like this

Now all I have to do is finish mine!

Many thanks to Viv for letting me use her lovely photographs, as you can see, my poor effort on the stone leaves a lot to be desired!!

I hope you like it - let me know what you thinks as comments are always welcome.

Love to All