Tuesday, 7 August 2012



As always apologies for the delay, I am permanently trying to catch up with myself and be disciplined about blogging but it never happens!

Last time, you may recall I asked whether I should give my donkeys a colour wash - thanks for your suggestions.  I made a third donkey a couple of weeks ago and I decided to use a watercolour wash in a pale greyish colour so that it wasn't too coloured.
I made some paniers from a snippet of cloth, as usual from my Rag Rescue stash.  I couldn't for the
life of me decide what to put in the paniers, but, last week whilst I was in France at Les Soeurs Anglaises
for a bijou holiday with Becky, Jone and Oolie I had a sudden flush of inspiration.............. what better than French Lavender?  Mon Dieu! Why didnt i think of it before, I think its perfect, do let me know what you think ..................

I also said I would blog about my second Hens Teeth workshop makes.
On the first workshop made three brooches in total, the first two took most of the day

 Then in the last 10 minutes, I had a flush of inspiration - I love paper and decided to put together scraps of
haberdashery labels and card to make another brooch - it turned out to be my favourite of the day ........

When I went to the second Hens Teeth Haberdashery workshop I decided to continue to explore this theme and here are the results ...............
Again in the last 10 minutes I decided to try my hand at a donkey brooch, pinching Viv's glove fingers for ears idea I stitched up this little beauty ................
I finished him off in France last week, tidied up the back, put the pin on and added his eyes, originally he was going to have two press studs but I'd lost one, routing about in my sewing kit I came across the vintage red diamonte - all the girls agreed it was just the ticket!  It would seem that he was never intended to have matching eyes......................... Again it was my favourite of the day!  

I sent the 'saved' brooch to Julie Arkell before I left for France and gave the goldilocks haberdashery brooch to Katie Elliot Armitage and the darning thread one to Dean Spille who had admired Katie's when she took Becky, Jone and Oolie to see him and his lovely wife Billie Spille, I figured Billie could wear it and Dean could look at it, but he did wonder if he could get away with wearing it himself!

Do let me know what you think of my makes, I find your feedback very encouraging!

Oh Yes, here are my delightful Julie Arkell pieces;  'A gentle Stillness', I love Donkeys' and Little Donkey on my recently completed bedroom fireplace, you may also spot the Jennifer Collier lampshade and a couple of Viv, Hens Teeth brooches.  All of which inspire me each night when I go to bed and each morning when I get up.

Love to All
xx Di