Tuesday, 19 April 2011

If the shoe fits ..........

How fabulous are these shoes - for me they are of the scale of my shoe-ometer! For many reasons - not least of which is I could actually walk in them!

Then, they remind me of clattering about with my mums 1960s court shoes on! Or my niece, Tracey, wearing 'clip-clop' shoes - either little princess shoes she got for a present or her mum's shoes she clattered about it for many a happy hour. 1960s mules with feather pom-poms that the most sophisticated ladies wore at home like slippers! They are the stuff of dreams, in my childhood and just as much today - they have everything - great colour, hearts on the front, kitten heels, sling-backs I could go on, and on and on! And, amazingly I think they are still for sale in the Vivienne Westwood shop - must dash - shoes to buy!

Love to All

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